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RDB ProNet recruitment software is developed by people with decades of front line recruitment experience who understand what small, medium and large recruitment companies want to achieve and have been helping them to achieve it since 1996. It's because we understand your goals that ProNet has been designed to be a platform on which to build your business with usable workflows, ease of integration, customisation, compliance and security at its heart.

Most of the time ProNet will meet and exceed your needs straight out of the box but you’ll appreciate the fact that while all the standard workflows are covered - your own particular, perhaps, more complex or compliance needs can be easily catered for.

Deeper integration, intuitive operation, exceptional user satisfaction, improved efficiency, reliability, easy customisation and larger profits. These are the benefits enjoyed by recruitment businesses using RDB ProNet .

Call us and find out how our understanding of recruitment can help your business and why, in a pretty flat market, our revenues have increased by 90% over the last two years!

On-site or in the Cloud the choice is yours.

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